New Year’s Resolution?No Way!

I drug myself out of bed on January 1st, 2016 & was greeted by a beautiful frosty vision. So beautiful, so peaceful, a crisp new morning on our little homestead with speckles of friendly cows in the fields…then I turned around & contemplated the best way to attack a house that looked like a college dorm room!! The left overs of our GIANT family party the night before were strung from hell to breakfast!!  We’re all a colorful bunch to say the least ha!  As I started my trek through the house with the trash can, I kept thinking to myself, “Well, it’s 2016, what am I going to change about myself this year?”  Strange, I know to wait till the absolute deadline of January 1st to finally think about a resolution!!  Better late than never;)  Throughout my cleaning I pondered why I had waited so long to think about this? BOOM!- It hit me!!  Like the lightbulb that goes “ting!” in those cartoons on T.V!  Continue reading New Year’s Resolution?No Way!