Best Pie Crust Hack Ever!! Plus, an awesome crust recipe;)

I cannot tell you how many times that pie crust has made me cuss!! When I first started making my own crusts I would seriously start to stress sweat before I even began to roll it out. I would tell myself “don’t roll to hard & tear it” meanwhile,  it’s coming apart over there & now I’ve thrown flour all over the counter top, wall & floor. The last dirty, dirty trick is when you delicately start to lift it to your pie, but oooooooh nooooo-ho-ho-ho, it’s not that simple! It’s right about now when I completely lose it!  The crust completely rips in two because in all of your worrying while rolling it out, you forgot to keep dusting flour underneath it & now it has stuck to the counter!!!!  If you ever find me  face down in my kitchen with a pie crust stuck to my face, you will know that it was those final moments of pie preparation that finally threw me over the edge lol!

I am pleased to say that I no longer stress sweat when assembling my pie’s because I have found the best crust hack ever!! It’s so simple & you probably have it in your kitchen as I type this post. TaaaaDaaaaaa! It’s parchment paper!!!  Next time lay a piece down before you roll out your crust! You won’t need to sprinkle any flour or spend time scrubbing your counters!! Bonus is that since it’s on the paper, you can easily guide it to your pie plate for precise placement without the risk of it tearing into two!  Love it;)


You’re really hitting two birds with one stone on this post because I’m going to include my favorite crust recipe too!!  It isn’t flashy or hard. Consisting of only 5 ingredients, it’s my go-to recipe when making pies! Perfectly flaky, crisp & delicious- Just in time for the Holidays!


Pie Crust:

This recipe is for a double crust on a 9-inch pie.

I double this recipe for large pies like the one shown in the pictures.


2 Cups Flour

3/4 Teaspoon of Salt

2/3 shortening

About 1/3 cup ice-cold water


In a large bowl, combine flour, salt, & shortening using a fork to work the flour & shortening together. Blend until the shortening & flour are completely mixed so that when you pinch it, it will dryly hold together.

Next, add your ice-cold water & stir quickly to mix & form dough into a ball.  Add a tiny bit more water if needed, but not to much! You want it on the drier side of things;)

This is where I divide the ball into 2 portions. One for top & one for bottom.  Place the unused portion in plastic wrap & refrigerate to keep cool while you deal with the bottom crust. If you aren’t ready to start rolling out your pie crusts, then place both portions in the fridge until you’re ready. A good tender crust likes to chill!!

Lay your piece of parchment paper down on counter, lightly flour your rolling pin & get to rollin’!

I like my fondant roller better than my rolling pin;) *If you were wondering about the white rolling apparatus lol!

Roll your dough until it’s approximately 1/8 of an inch thick.

Pick up your parchment paper & guide it to your pie dish to lay it dough side down. Once it’s where you want it, just pull back the parchment paper. Voila! Simple as that!  Trim off the excess dough, fill with your choice of filling & repeat the rolling process with the top crust that has been chilling in the fridge.


I always use my scraps to make a few hearts for the top of the pie. My Mother always said that pies deserved hearts for all the love they hold in them;)

Slit crust for vents, sprinkle with a lil’ sugar & bake!

No more glued-on messes on the countertop or dewy armpits lol;)


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