June Bug’s Strawberry Jalapeño Jam

I’d beg to sit on her counter while she bustled around her kitchen.  She was always making something tasty & her home was filled with such enticing aromas that it would make your mouth water right as you walked through her front door!  My stomach would growl as soon as I arrived on her front step even though I had just had lunch before coming over.  It would make my Mother extremely irritated when we’d start begging for Grandma’s food!  You would have thought we were starving children!  Everyone did it, young & old, when they stopped by my Grandma’s house.  You just couldn’t help it!  Here is a recipe straight from Grandma June’s kitchen!  It’s sweet & sassy, just like the woman who created it;)

Grandma June with 2 of her Great-Grandbabies!

I consider myself extremely spoiled as I have had the pleasure of reaping the benefits from my Grandpa’s incredible strawberry patch this year!  Bright red, juicy strawberries that are full of flavor & sweet as sugar.  I ate myself silly on them & hated the thought of making these fresh beauties into a cooked jam!  That is until I sampled my Grandma’s Strawberry Jalapeño jam at my Brother-In Law’s birthday party… Ridiculously ripe strawberries paired with the hot jalapeño pepper marry together in the most perfect of ways!!  I tried it on a crispy cracker adorned with cream cheese and a smear of the jam & it made my soul sing!  The next batch of berries I received from my Grandpa went right into a batch of Grandma’s jam;)


Strawberry Jalapeno Jam


4 Cups Crushed Strawberries

3/4 Cup Chopped Jalapeños

Optional- Add a tablespoon of red pepper flakes if you like it hotter than most!

1/4 Cup of Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice

1/4 Cup of Pectin

6 Cups of Sugar

*(My berries were so sweet that I only used 4 cups.  I did have to cook it 5 minutes longer to achieve the consistency that I wanted though)


-Bring the crushed berries & chopped jalapeños to a full boil on the stove.

-Add the fresh lemon juice, pectin & sugar.  Return to full boil for 2 minutes

-Ladle jam into clean jars for canning.

-Place jars with lids on into a water bath canner for approximately 6 minutes.

-Remove jars from water bath & set on a kitchen towel to cool



You will begin to hear the “pop” sound as the jars cool & the lids seal!!  That is the sound of success!! Any jars that do not seal must be placed in the fridge to use right away.  Sealed jars will keep for months & months in the pantry!!


Add some Strawberry Jalapeño jam to your boring ol’ peanut butter & jelly or wipe some on your BBQ chicken to kick things up!!  This recipe can be used in so many ways, just use your imagination!  I’m sure that you will be using Grandma June’s recipe again & again:)  Thank you Grandma June…& ENJOY!!

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