What to do with all that SQUASH!!

I anxiously await to see my tender little seedlings burst through the soil to face the sun each year in my garden.  There is something so incredibly satisfying about enjoying a meal that you have so carefully tended from seed to harvest!  One squash plant seems to produce enough for the neighborhood & usually leaves me flooding our meals with squash inspired dishes!  I’m not complaining though because I have created some pretty awesome stuff!  This simple sauté is ready in a snap & packs a savory bite!!

Gardening was always something I dreaded as a child.  My Mother loved “scratching around in the dirt,” as she called it.  She used her flower beds as a canvas & would create the most beautiful & creative displays of vivid beauty.  I knew she loved it & since I loved her, I would swallow my simmering hissy fit, put a smile on my face & drag my feet outside to weed with her.  My miserable attitude couldn’t contend with the smile on my Mother’s face & I always ended up having a great time while making priceless memories.  Although, I will say, there was NOTHING that could make edging the grass fun!!  So, it came as a surprise to me when I hit my mid twenties & I began to get the gardening bug!  It’s a hobby & love that both my husband & I enjoy doing together.  Reaping the rewards of our hard work makes me feel grateful, blessed & happy!

Quite a few years ago, I decided to plant our garden in heirloom seeds.  Heirloom seeds are varieties that are open-pollinated.  This means that unlike hybrids, seeds you collect from the vegetables one year will produce plants with most of the same characteristics. This is essential since it ensures their genetic survival over generations!!  Pretty cool huh?  Heirlooms are generally known to produce better tasting and more robustly flavored produce. Another plus is that heirloom fruits and vegetables are also known to be more nutritious! Dry & save your seeds each year & you have your seeds all ready to go for next year’s crop without having to purchase them again!!  I love that part;)

One of our cool heirloom varieties of zucchini 😉

We grow A LOT of squash!  I prefer to use it fresh, but with the abundance we have, I can dry it, can it or freeze it for later use as well.  I bake, fry, saute, & BBQ it a million ways & I’m always finding new & creative ways to incorporate it into dishes.  With all of the diversity this plant brings, it makes me laugh that my husband’s favorite way is still the good ol’ sauté!!  Here is my quick recipe for a tangy, buttery, & savory dish that isn’t just your plain old zucchini!!


2 Tablespoons of butter (Use the real stuff, no nasty margerine)

1 Teaspoon olive oil

3 Medium zucchinis cut into rounds or half rounds-your preference

3 Green onions-chopped

2 Garlic cloves-finely chopped

1/2 Teaspoon onion powder

Salt & fresh ground pepper to taste 😉

Crumbled feta cheese


Place the butter & olive oil in a large skillet that is set to medium heat on the stove top.

Throw in the squash once butter has completely melted & cover with a lid until squash starts to change texture just a bit. (About 5 minutes)

Remove lid, add the white of the green onions, salt, pepper, & onion powder. Continue to sauté flipping the squash occasionally so that is has time to gently carmelize a bit.  (About 5 minutes)

Toss in fresh garlic & give it a stir.  Overcooked garlic will taste bitter so, keep a close eye;)

Turn off burner & top with remaining green onions & crumbled feta cheese.


Grab a fork & prepare to satisfy your growling stomach & watering mouth!!  By this time you will be experiencing both!!


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