Strawberry Chia Freezer Jam From Heaven!

Strawberry freezer jam….I LOVE IT!!  My Grandma would make enough of this mixture from heaven to fill a small bus every year! It was our absolute favorite!! I have taken the mission to create a scrumptious freezer jam without all the white sugar & pectin & I have found a WINNER!! Made with honey & chia seeds, this jam gives you all the goodness without the sinful ingredients!This fresh and healthy, no-cook freezer jam is a breeze to make and just as easy to eat!  Yes, it’s true.  Some things once placed in the freezer are never taken back out & easily forgotten.  My strawberry chia freezer jam is NOT one of those.  I drag a jar of this stuff out for everything!  Need a cheesecake topper?  Want to add a little life to your plain yogurt & granola?  The possibilities are endless!!  This recipe is quick & when I say quick I mean it!! It takes longer to clean your blender than it does to throw this jam together.



•5 cups strawberries

•3/4 cup of honey

•2 1/2 tablespoons of chia seeds

•Juice from half a lemon

1/2 tsp. lemon zest


Wash and hull strawberries. Add all the ingredients to a food processor or blender and puree. Pour into containers and place into the fridge. It should be ready to eat in an hour.

Wait 24 hours before placing into the freezer.

To Use: just pull out a jar from the freezer a couple hours prior to using for it to unthaw.  It will have that beautiful thick jam consistency & no one will even know that it was made with chia seeds instead of pectin!!

Unfroze freezer jam will keep in the fridge for a couple weeks.  Great to keep a stock in the freezer for whenever you need some fresh strawberry love!!!

Not only is this decadent mixture good on toast, but it can be used on waffles, pancakes, strawberry shortcake & even ice-cream!!  A much healthier substitute to the regular freezer jam that is loaded with TONS of sugar & made with pectin.  I’m on a journey for “good for you” foods!! Give it a try….I bet you’ll join me!!

20160615_140024 2

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