Cooking is Love Made Visible

As a child, I was drawn to my grandmother like a moth to a flame.  She instilled within me the love of being in the kitchen.  I would tear open her front door, be greeted with her loving arms & the house would radiate smells that would make your mouth instantly water.  Within seconds of passing through her front door she would ask “can I get you something to drink? Are you hungry?”  If you turned down the offer, she just couldn’t stand herself….in 10 minutes…she would ask you again!  Being young, I thought that she was making sure that her guests were always taken well care of, it was years later that I would come to realize that it was much much more than that.Rule number one when you go to Grandma’s house, ACCEPT the drink & whatever delicious snack (because there was always something delicious) that way she could finally relax ha ha!

The woman who on several occasions had soothed my boo boo’s & healed me with her kindness would come to decorate my soul with all of the beautiful things that I love about myself today.  She could make a simple tuna sandwich look like something fit for a King & the way that she could transform ingredients into a meal amazed me!   She was & still is the epitome of love.  A true lady, a marvelous cook, & master of her household!  She’s a vessel of kindness that never seems to run out!  Tougher than most people a quarter her age & a timeless beauty.  I REALLY love my Grandma, if you can’t tell he he!  Her skills of being the perfect hostess would later in life be something that I could only hope to achieve.  The greatest gift that she would ever give me is her….time.

To say that she had enormous amounts of patience would be an understatement!  The time I would spend at her house was filled with laughter, mud pies, games, & of course……FOOD!  She would set me on her counter so that I could watch her work in the kitchen.  I doubt she ever knew then how this act alone would forever be pasted in my mind.  At the age of 6, I made a perfect cherry cheesecake for my father’s birthday.  At least she made me feel like I made it all myself.  I remember being so excited about making such a beautiful gift!  I could not wait to give it to him!  Through the years I have loitered in my grandmother’s kitchen realizing that she didn’t cook just to feed the masses, but rather it was her gift to everyone that she loved.  Cooking is love made visible….


Now that I’m an adult, I find myself showing my love for my family in the exact same way.  Preparing meals from scratch & laboring over delicate pies & treats just to see the looks on their face when they would put the first bite in their mouth.  She taught me that the time you spend on your family is the best way of showing your love.  When I look back at my greatest gifts of my life, not one material thing comes to mind.  I am rich with memories from a woman that gave me her time & taught me that the greatest of blessings in life is being at the dinner table with the ones that you love.  It’s incredibly fitting that her birthday is Valentines Day.  She has been unconditional love in action since the day I met her.

They say love is not what you say, but rather what you do.  I smile daily knowing that I have been infused with the kind of love that you can only get from a once in a lifetime woman.  Thank you Grandma for giving me your love of cooking, your recipes & enriching all of our daily lives with your love;)

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