How to peel a tomato in seconds!!

Who likes to blanch tomatoes to peel them? NOBODY!!  Chasing little balls around in boiling water only to fish them out & accidentally burn your hands just isn’t my kind of fun.  I have a much better way to peel tomatoes that has saved me incredible amounts of time in the kitchen!  Not only do I have one trick for these beautiful babies, but I also have a quick tip on how to preserve those delectable bites of summer, so none of your hard work goes to waste!  I can my little heart out all summer long, trying to preserve as much fresh goodness as possible for our winter meals.  It’s nice to have another method when I just don’t have the time (or patience) to drag out the pressure cooker for canning!!  I’ll admit it…I’m a tomato addict!

Each year when we plant our garden I always plant waaaaaay to many tomatoes in fear of just not having enough!  I get suckered in by all of those luring descriptions of the heirloom tomatoes in my heritage seed catalog! Literally, I’m drooling just thinking about all of them!!  Long story short, I always end up with a gazillion tomatoes that all seem to ripen at the same time!  What to do….I don’t want to waste a single one?!

The solution came in the form of an extremely friendly older woman that happened to pull into my drive one day while I was out tending the garden.  She wanted to compliment me on my sunflowers & noticed that I was carting BOXES of tomatoes from my garden to the house.  She asked me what in the world I was going to do with all of them!  I told her that I’d eat them till I passed out & can as many as my poor hands could handle & since I hate blanching tomatoes, that wouldn’t be to many ha!  She then gave me some advice that changed my life forever!!!  “I don’t spend all of that time blanching & canning my tomatoes,” she said, “just pop them in the freezer.”  What!!  I couldn’t believe my ears, the freezer?!!  Yes, it’s true, all you have to do is wash them, dry them, & throw them in the freezer .  They will be ready for you whenever you need them.  Handy for those of us who have ample freezer space.

Some of my frozen heirloom tomatoes

Now, here’s the real kicker!  Since your tomatoes are frozen, all you have to do is run them under warm water and the skin will completely fall off!!


I like to fill the sink with hot water, toss the tomatoes in the pool & walk away for a few seconds to let the magic happen!  Upon returning, I use a small knife to remove tops or cores & then hold the tomato at the base while applying firm pressure.  They >POP< right out of their skins!!

Homemade tomato sauce has never been so easy!!  The next time you have a tomato that has reached it’s prime sitting on your counter destined for the trash bin in a day or so, just throw it in the freezer!  Once you have enough stockpiled, you can use them for EVERYTHING!! Soups, stews, meatloaf, chili, the options are really endless!!


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