New Year’s Resolution?No Way!

I drug myself out of bed on January 1st, 2016 & was greeted by a beautiful frosty vision. So beautiful, so peaceful, a crisp new morning on our little homestead with speckles of friendly cows in the fields…then I turned around & contemplated the best way to attack a house that looked like a college dorm room!! The left overs of our GIANT family party the night before were strung from hell to breakfast!!  We’re all a colorful bunch to say the least ha!  As I started my trek through the house with the trash can, I kept thinking to myself, “Well, it’s 2016, what am I going to change about myself this year?”  Strange, I know to wait till the absolute deadline of January 1st to finally think about a resolution!!  Better late than never;)  Throughout my cleaning I pondered why I had waited so long to think about this? BOOM!- It hit me!!  Like the lightbulb that goes “ting!” in those cartoons on T.V! 

Light bulb moment!!

When I was younger, I of course shared the ever popular resolution of losing weight.  It led to a gym membership that I donated $49.99 to every month for the next year.  I’d hit the gym like a mad woman with every intention to shed those devastating pounds! One month later I’d be making excuses & happily ignoring the $49.99 debit every month while I consumed calories on the couch.  I didn’t hold myself accountable.  I have realized through failed attempts of following through with my resolutions that it wasn’t a yearly change that I needed, but a daily change!

By making daily goals of self betterment, I find myself feeling accomplished by the time I hang it up at the end of the day.  Whether it be goals like, “today I will only put healthy foods in my body!” or “today I am going to find the source of the smell in the laundry room!”  By sticking to these daily goals, I find that I have a greater satisfaction with myself.  It’s all about checking in with yourself at the end of the day and saying “Ya know, you did an awesome job today. I can’t believe that you finally found all of the sock’s mates & folded them!”  no one likes the feeling of hearing over & over again in your head “way to go… you still didn’t get the trash to the curb before pick up again!”  Life can get heavy, SUPER heavy!! That’s what makes finding the victory in small daily goals such an uplifting experience!

My Mother, who was a truly stunning woman full of so much incredible wisdom used to tell me that if you follow something daily for 30 consecutive days, then it will become a habit.  Boy, was she right!!  Some goals, whether personal or business, can seem so impossible or unattainable when looking at the big picture!  Look at what you can do day by day to chip away at your goal!!  Each day can be a success, & when you have those days where you may not reach as high, be kind to yourself.  That’s right-I said it!! When you fail…be KIND to YOURSELF!!  I mean, don’t make it a habit & use it as an excuse to let yourself off of the hook, but as a tool to reassure yourself that even though you may have tried your best today, you’ll kick it’s a$$ tomorrow!  Key word here is knowing that you tried your “BEST”.  Each day brings a new chance get back on that horse!

As for me? My challenge today is to clean up this beautiful mess from making memories & love my family that’s in town for the holidays! Cheers to a fantastic 2016!!

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