Yes, I put it in my soap & now it’s on my teeth!

Activated charcoal is not what’s left in your fire pit after a hotdog roast, but rather a medical grade version that takes the form of a fine powder. It’s a great way to get rid of that oily skin, acne, treat minor cuts, bug bites, and naturally whiten teeth! Continue reading Yes, I put it in my soap & now it’s on my teeth!

Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken

We’ve all done it!  Found an amazing looking recipe that touts being “easy,” “fast,” or “amazingly delicious!”  You run around getting all of the necessary ingredients, follow the directions to a T & it turns out NOTHING like the picture has claimed!! Leaving you feeling furious & the worst of all….still HUNGRY!!  I took on a recipe that would have made a better doorstop than a dinner & improved it!  Not only is this recipe easy, fast & amazingly delicious, it’s healthier & hands off once it’s in the slow cooker!! Continue reading Slow Cooker Santa Fe Chicken

Best Pie Crust Hack Ever!! Plus, an awesome crust recipe;)

I cannot tell you how many times that pie crust has made me cuss!! When I first started making my own crusts I would seriously start to stress sweat before I even began to roll it out. I would tell myself “don’t roll to hard & tear it” meanwhile,  it’s coming apart over there & now I’ve thrown flour all over the counter top, wall & floor. The last dirty, dirty trick is when you delicately start to lift it to your pie, but oooooooh nooooo-ho-ho-ho, it’s not that simple! It’s right about now when I completely lose it!  The crust completely rips in two because in all of your worrying while rolling it out, you forgot to keep dusting flour underneath it & now it has stuck to the counter!!!!  If you ever find me  face down in my kitchen with a pie crust stuck to my face, you will know that it was those final moments of pie preparation that finally threw me over the edge lol!

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This Must Be On Your Thanksgiving Table…Caramel Pecan Cheesecake!!

I have been known to consume an entire cheesecake by myself! Yes, it’s true, when it comes to sweets I have a serious problem!! My other love is pecan pie;) Last year I made 2 pecan pies because I knew that in a day one would be gone.  Once they were baking I began to reflect on my actions… feeling like a pecan crazed freak, I half heartedly sent one of the pies to work with my husband before I engulfed it lol!!  Every year around this time I go mad with baking (and eating) everything in site!  Before I get to out of hand this year, I’m combining some of my favorites! Hopefully this will satisfy my need to try every flavor of pie known to man & cut down on the feelings of self disgust while peering into yet again, another empty pie pan!!

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June Bug’s Strawberry Jalapeño Jam

I’d beg to sit on her counter while she bustled around her kitchen.  She was always making something tasty & her home was filled with such enticing aromas that it would make your mouth water right as you walked through her front door!  My stomach would growl as soon as I arrived on her front step even though I had just had lunch before coming over.  It would make my Mother extremely irritated when we’d start begging for Grandma’s food!  You would have thought we were starving children!  Everyone did it, young & old, when they stopped by my Grandma’s house.  You just couldn’t help it!  Here is a recipe straight from Grandma June’s kitchen!  It’s sweet & sassy, just like the woman who created it;) Continue reading June Bug’s Strawberry Jalapeño Jam

I Never Thought To Put This In Jalapeño Jam…

I blame it on my Grandma ha ha!  She brought a jar of strawberry jalapeño jam to my Brother-in-laws birthday party & I was hooked!!  That jalapeño heat gets me every time.  I came home & knew that I had to make some pepper jelly, but my strawberry plants haven’t produced enough for a batch of jam yet.  That’s when it happened!  As I was wandering around in my kitchen rummaging up a snack, my eyes locked on the last few peaches that were part of a entire box that my father brought me.  AAAHHAA! Peachy Pepper Jam!!! Continue reading I Never Thought To Put This In Jalapeño Jam…

What to do with all that SQUASH!!

I anxiously await to see my tender little seedlings burst through the soil to face the sun each year in my garden.  There is something so incredibly satisfying about enjoying a meal that you have so carefully tended from seed to harvest!  One squash plant seems to produce enough for the neighborhood & usually leaves me flooding our meals with squash inspired dishes!  I’m not complaining though because I have created some pretty awesome stuff!  This simple sauté is ready in a snap & packs a savory bite!! Continue reading What to do with all that SQUASH!!

Strawberry Chia Freezer Jam From Heaven!

Strawberry freezer jam….I LOVE IT!!  My Grandma would make enough of this mixture from heaven to fill a small bus every year! It was our absolute favorite!! I have taken the mission to create a scrumptious freezer jam without all the white sugar & pectin & I have found a WINNER!! Made with honey & chia seeds, this jam gives you all the goodness without the sinful ingredients! Continue reading Strawberry Chia Freezer Jam From Heaven!

BEST Summer Cookie Made With Fresh Lemons!

Refreshing & light!  Lemon is the quintessential flavor of summer & brings to mind visions of summer, sunshine, & happiness!  Although I hate to use my oven when it’s nice outside, I’ll make the exception any day for these little bundles of joy!!  Made with FRESH lemon & none of those store bought extracts.  This beautifully delicate lil’ cookie packs a lemon punch that everyone will continue to beg for!! Continue reading BEST Summer Cookie Made With Fresh Lemons!

Quick & Crunchy Avocado Mishmash

My mother was a stickler for preparing a balanced meal every night.  There was always a protein, veggie, & carb included in every meal.  Most nights she would ask “Do you want green beans or corn?” Since canned veggies were cheap, we would get them by the crate at the store.  In my adult years, I have spent a little more time concocting my veggie portion of dinner.  In all seriousness, I could probably skip the protein & carbs & just go for the vegetables! Continue reading Quick & Crunchy Avocado Mishmash